The project

High Objectives of National Organizational Reform

Tempus project

Overall aim

The development of training and retraining system for high level civil servants of the Kyrgyz Republic will help to build a strong, modern and efficient civil service. The project will contribute to this wide objective through developing and implementing a new training scheme that will significantly improve the management of the public sector and the promotion of principles of transparency, ethics and democracy.

Specific goals

The specific objective is to organize training courses carefully designed for different target groups of senior civil servants and civil society representatives on different management topics including: Organization of Parliamentary Work, Human Resource and Management in Public Sector, Fighting Corruption etc.; and develop Institute of Distance Education.


Final Conference - The value of strategic traning in public administration

17th September 2015.

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Publications in the Framework of the project

1.     Change management KG
2.     Leadership KG RU
3.     Local development strategy RU KG
4.     Implementations of Local development strategy KG RU
5.     Fighting corruption RU
6.     Project management
7.     Human resources RU
8.     Training needs in public administration EN

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