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Change Management NEW!

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"Without change there's no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable" William G. Pollard, Pshysicist.


One of the major management challenges at the present stage is the rapid development of the external world, the modern requirements, and this new organizational change as an essential element of development

Management, state and municipal administration , the Civil Law of the Kyrgyz Republic , Macroeconomics, basic knowledge of higher mathematics , history, economy, people and society.



To know  principles of management, state and municipal administration
To perform diagnose and analyze the situation (problem) in public administration
To be able to make decisions and (or) to make changes necessary to optimize the state structure  

Specific Objectives

  • Use methods of change management.
  • Phased implementation of changes.
  • Expediency of organizational change



Arymbaev Altynbek



             Trainer’s actions, course content

   9.00 -9.20

Acquaintance with the participants of the training.
Registration of participants and filling of questionnaires.


Change management

9.20 – 10.30.

Start the change management process

Main sources

Model development and evaluation of management organizational changes


Implementation changes in management

10.40.- 12.00.

Principles manager’s work and patterns of the organization.

  • Main directions of development of the organization
  • Operating principles and laws of the organization
  • Organizational structure changes


Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of organizational changes


Organizational change management models

Model of Kurt Lewin

  • Model of Guiyar and D.Kelly
  • Model of Heinings


Resistance to organizational change and the use of different models in modern organizations


Evaluating the effectiveness of organizational management

  • Effectiveness organizational change
  • MRP and MCV analysis of organizations