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Fighting corruption and Financial control, audit and evaluation of public spending NEW!

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Course by Mr. Michel CARLES, financial attorney at the Court of regional accounts of Corsica.


Corruption is a complex phenomenon that hampers the economic development and growth of countries. Setting up good financial management systems and leading the necessary reforms are some of the key features to prevent, control and fight corruption. Well-functioning public management systems with a strong accountable framework and well-established methods for evaluating public spending are essential elements for increasing transparency and ensuring the stability of institutions. Within this training course, participants will get acquainted with the various means and techniques to fight corruption with a view to strengthen the financial control and audit of public expenditures.



  • The fight against corruption and financial control and audit
  • Means and techniques of prevention, control and fighting corruption
  • The  roles of internal and external checkers and means of actions
  • Techniques and tools for auditing structures and organizations (financial management)
  • Building and strengthening financial management systems
  • Increasing transparency in the public sector




Mr. Michel CARLES, financial attorney at the Court of regional accounts of Corsica.



Monday 22th June: Training

Tuesday 23th June: Training

Wednesday 24th June: Training of Trainers

  • Designing training curricula
  • Development of case studies and supporting materials
  • Pilot course and work with the trainers