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Fighting corruption and Financial control, audit and evaluation of public spending NEW!


Corruption is a complex phenomenon that hampers the economic development and growth of countries. Setting up good financial management systems and leading the necessary reforms are some of the key features to prevent, control and fight corruption. Well-functioning public management systems with a strong accountable framework and well-established methods for evaluating public spending are essential elements for increasing transparency and ensuring the stability of institutions. Within this training course, participants will get acquainted with the various means and techniques to fight corruption with a view to strengthen the financial control and audit of public expenditures.



  • The fight against corruption and financial control and audit
  • Means and techniques of prevention, control and fighting corruption
  • The  roles of internal and external checkers and means of actions
  • Techniques and tools for auditing structures and organizations (financial management)
  • Building and strengthening financial management systems
  • Increasing transparency in the public sector




Saluev Anvar
Beirmanov Asan





Type of activities

 9:00 – 10:30

The concept of social and legal essence of corruption

  • The nature and basic characteristics of corruption.
  • Socio-political and economic content of corruption.
  • Signs of illegal corruption actions. Historical and legal patterns of corruption.


10:30- 11:30

Substantial diversity and forms of corruption

  • Substantial diversity of corruption.
  • The forms of corruption.

Video, discussion


Sources, causes and conditions of formation and development of corrupt relations

  • Sources and causes of corruption.
  • Social and negative consequences of corruption.
  • Degradation of social consciousness and morality.

Case studies and discussions

13:00- 14:00

Institutional mechanisms of corruption counteracting

  • Legal support and legal tools an anti-corruption state strategy.
  •  Key status components of the state anti-corruption mechanism


14:00 -15:30

Corruption risks in governmental and municipal structures

  • Corruption risks: definition, causes, detection. Classification of corruption risks.
  • Methods of determining of the corruption risks.

Video, discussion


Prevention of corruption and to minimize its negative effects

  • Anti-corruption expertise of management decisions.
  • Audit of the use effectiveness of public funds.

Presentations, role-games




International legal anti-corruption standards

  • Mechanisms for countering corruption of foreign countries.
  • International legal standards for countering corruption in the CIS format

Self-study on the basis of Moodle platform


National Anti-Corruption Strategy

  • Nature and target orientation of the state anti-corruption strategy.
  • Principles of Anti-Corruption Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Actions in the fields and areas of activity.

Self-study on the basis of Moodle platform


Ethics in the fight against corruption and communication strategy

  • Professional ethics of civil servant.
  • General principles of behavior of public servants.
  • Communication Strategy of the State Personnel Service of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2014-2016 years.

Self-study on the basis of Moodle platform