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Local Development Strategy NEW!

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The key and strategic role that local authorities can play supporting the achievement of national goals.


Problems of sustainable and coherent socio-economic development of the country  in all and individual regions are more relevant than ever in today's stage of Kyrgyzstan`s development as an equal and stable member of the world community. The main principle of strategic development programs is that programs are formed "inside" the regions and are based on resource potential and "investment portfolio" which help to their implementation.

The role of  authorities in the development and implementation of local development strategies. Analysis of the external environment and the development of methods of organizing local development strategy and its implementation. The development of regulatory framework and territorial organization of local self-governing authorities. Strengthening  the resource base and local economic development. Improving the capacity of local self-governing staff. Development of the professional potentials of municipal servants. Participation of  municipal citizens and their organizations in the development of local self-government

Pre-requisites: The basics of the theory of economy, basics of management, basics of public administration



To know the meaning and objectives and ways of designing of local strategies of development
To be able to analyze all the factors of ambient in terms of using them in the process of designing strategies with the help of systematized knowledge
To work out and use development strategies on the local level

Specific objetives:

  • To learn the modeling techniques of current problems in the state and local government.
  • Creating a strategic plan, setting goals.
  • Defining project milestones and resources.
  • Setting goals and their implementation methods.
  • Conclusions: the analysis of expected changes and improvements




Taalaikul Esheiva
Head of the History and Public Administration Department, she is teacher in History and Regional Planning
Altynbek Arymbaev
Teacher at the Economy and Tourism Faculty, teacher in Management, Strategy plannind and Development (IKSU)
Archa Sarbanova
Teacher at the History and Public Administration Department, she is teacher on Public Administration area (IKSU)
Aiganysh Tursunbaeva
Specialist at the Science and International Relations Department, trainer on Project Management (IKSU)
Sagyntay kyzy Elvira
Head of the Science and Interantional Relations Department. Trainer on Project Management, teacher at the Tourism Department on Sustainable Development, Strategy Development (IKSU)
Anna Mishenko,
Teacher at the Economy and Tourism Faculty, teacher on the Strategic Management, Strategy planning and Development (IKSU)

Elvira Sagyntay Kyzy
Project coordinator
Head of International Relations
Issyk-Kul State University






Welcome address by Rector of the IKSU Dr. K.Abdyldaev
A welcome speech of Prof. Maria Kadlecikova
A welcome speech of Prof. Eva Balazova

10.00 – 10.30

Interactive acquaintance
Moderator: Taalaikul Eshieva

10.30 - 11.00

Introduction to Strategy. Basic concepts of strategy.
Moderator: Altynbek Arymbaev




Local Economic Development
Moderator: Archa Sarbanova


Lunch break


Interactive Workshop: Strategy Developers
Moderators: Taalaikul Eshieva, Elvira Sagyntay kyzy,
Tursunbaeva  Ayganysh


Strategy Development Steps
Moderator: Anna Mishenko


Interactive Workshop: Local Strategy Development
Moderator: Taalaikul Eshieva, Elvira Sagyntay kyzy,
Tursunbaeva Ayganysh


Effective Change Management for Successful Strategy                       Implementation.
Prof. Maria Kadlecikova


Approaches to Change Management in Strategies in Public Administration
Prof.Eva Balazova




 Certificates awarding
1st day conclusions