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Implementation of Local Development Strategy

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The key and strategic role that local authorities can play supporting the achievement of national goals.


Problems of sustainable and coherent socio-economic development of the country in all and individual regions are more relevant than ever in today's stage of Kyrgyzstan`s development as an equal and stable member of the world community. The main principle of strategic development programs is that programs are formed "inside" the regions and are based on resource potential and "investment portfolio" which help to their implementation.



  • The role of authorities in the development and implementation of local development strategies.
  • Analysis of the external environment and the development of methods of organizing local development strategy and its implementation
  • The development of regulatory framework and territorial organization of local self-governing authorities
  • Strengthening  the resource base and local economic development
  • Improving the capacity of local self-governing staff
  • Development of the professional potentials of municipal servants
  • Participation of  municipal citizens and their organizations in the development of local self-government




Sarbanova Archa




Trainer’s actions, course content

   9.00 -9.20

Acquaintance with the participants of the training.
Registration of participants and filling of questionnaires.


Principles of local economic development

9.20 – 10.30.

Organization of private / municipal companies based on market principles, in order to create long-term jobs, income  and wealth creation

Economic base

Development of comparative advantage

Elimination of market barriers


Role of local government in the economic development of the municipality as the trinity of body management, business and population

10.40.- 12.00.

Retention and expansion of existing enterprises

  • Standards of local regulation, lack of mechanisms for rapid decision-making and commitment of the leaders of the local government.

  • Lack of communication with local businesses


Resources of local economic development


Sitauation in country and access to local economic development resouces

  • Economic base: enterprise and business

  • Access of entrepreneurs to finance

  • Municipal finance

  • Geographical features and advantages

  •  Human resources (unemployment and migration)


Municipal property as a factor of LED.


Legal basis of municipal property law

  • Right to municipal ownership

  • Lands owned municipally