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Human Resources Management In Public Administration

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"Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point"
Henry Mintzberg


Improving human resource management makes more active personnel policy. Responsibility for implementation of an active human resources policy rests with the heads of all departments, integrating personnel management system, which is able to effectively implement such a policy.
The human resource management focus is transferred to the managerial staff: it is the professionalism and competence of leaders and managers is a key element of personnel potential of the modern organization, firm, corporation.
The new human resources management system requires a strong and adaptive corporate culture, stimulating and motivating atmosphere of mutual responsibility of the employee and the employer, the aspirations of all people in the organization, firms, corporations make it better by supporting initiatives at all levels of the organization, permanent technical, technological and organizational innovations.





Expand the role and place in the corporate HR management and its relationship with the strategic objectives of the company. To analyze the status and trends of the labor market in terms of the organization's needs in human resources. To highlight the different conceptual approaches and methodological aspects of personnel work.

• have an idea about the main results of the latest research on the management staff of the organizations;
• know the basic theory in the field of human resource management;
• know the principles of personnel management services, their functions;




1. Basis of Personnel Management and the various aspects of organizational management behavior.

2. Features of management of organizational conflict.


Expected results:


• Skills calculation of economic indicators in the management of human resources;

• Skills development and application of the basic mechanisms, methods, forms of governance and the development of human ( labor ) resources at various levels of government ;


Duration - 2 hours, of which:

1. Basis of Personnel Management and the various aspects of organizational management behavior. - 1 hour

2. Features of management of organizational conflict. -1 hour


Target group: Sokuluk District Finance Department


Methodology and structure:

1. Lecture - Presentation

2. Case study

3. Discussion Group

4. Analysis of practical examples


Material: Presentation format PowerPoint. Projector


Theme 1: Basis of Personnel Management and the various aspects of organizational management behavior.

               Symptoms, classification and characteristics of the civil service staff organizations. The essence of the content and features of the system of human resource management. Modern approaches to managing staff (on the basis of domestic and foreign experience). Characteristic features of personnel management. Characterization methods and principles of personnel management. Characteristic features of the Human Resources Department. Organizational behavior, characteristic of the person in the organization, the determinants of behavioral traits and personality development stage. Characteristic parameters of the "Big Five." Psychoanalytic typology of temperament and personality types. Factors conduct official leader and his personal characteristics. The concept and characteristics of the group . The nature and content of the main characteristics of the group. The essence and content of the situational characteristics of the group. Features of behavior of a leader in the management process.


Theme 2 : Features of management of organizational conflict.

               The conflict, a conflict situation, the incident . Signs and types of conflicts.  Positive and negative functions of conflict. The main causes of conflict.

               Job manager for efficient use conflicts.  The nature and advantages of the method steps and cartography conflict.  Groups methods of conflict management.

               Impacts head to conflict situations. Structural and interpersonal methods of conflict management. Approaches to organizational conflicts and management of foreign companies. Characteristics of other methods of conflict management in teams.


Lecture -training for workers Sokuluk district finance department on «Human Resource Management»




During a 2-hour training workers civil service test was conducted "Your tendency to conflict" and case " executive search "

Case "executive search" 
Head of the information department Ivan Podgorny known as a strict leader, always require the implementation of rules and conduct strict control. When 2 years ago he was appointed to the post had many disagreements. For the 6 months of his leadership was dismissed 9 engineers and technicians, some employees were transferred to another job.
When the executive director Peter Silin began to weigh the question of translation Podgorny, the problems become resolved. Podgorny encouraged its employees to participate in carrying out the spring draft demanded submission and approval of their decisions 
Podgorny was able to reduce personnel costs by 10% and all the projects were delivered on time. Since he was considered a serious leader, using effective methods, he made a good offer and a month later he went to another firm.
First Peter Silin wanted to offer a promotion to one of the department employees, but no one was seriously interested in becoming a leader. After a 2-week break at his office appointed Nikolai Demyanov. Dem'yanov considered a capable leader, and although it was not a promotion, he thought he could get a new experience in the work. 
Nikolai Demyanov was a supporter of purposeful planning work. He believed that the most important goal to identify solutions for any problems, and the question of means and methods of achieving them must solve subordinates. But he refused to help in solving the problems associated with the work.
A month later, it became clear that the business department with the new head go wrong. Several projects have not been fulfilled by the deadline, others did not achieve the desired result. Talking with employees, the director learned that in their opinion Nikolai Demyanov did not act as needed to the head. He did not give specific guidance to achieve the goal. 
And the staff without a specific work plan believed Dem'yanov not able to lead, even if I had the desire .
1. What happened and why?
2. Describe the styles of leadership and Demyanova Podgorny , determine the differences .
3. What advice to give in that situation Peter Silin ? " 
1. What are the sources of the conflict ?
2. What tactics adhered parties to the conflict ?
3. How can you assess the consequences of the conflict and negotiations for their members ? 
Test "Your tendency to conflict"
1. Imagine that public transport dispute begins. What are you doing?
a) usually avoid interfering;
b) I can stand on the side of the victim or who is right;
c) always interfere and defend their point of view.
2. If your leadership makes mistakes, can you at the general meeting to express it?
a) No;
b) yes, but depending on my personal relationship to it;
c) always express their point of view.
3. Your immediate boss sets out the work plan that it seems irrational. Have you a plan that you think is better? 
a) if others will support me , then yes ;
b) be sure to offer your plan will show all its advantages ;
c) I am afraid that in the criticism I can have trouble.
4. Do you like to argue with my colleagues , friends ?
a) only to those who are not offended, and when disputes can not spoil our relations ;
b) only on principle , important issues ;
c) I have the habit of arguing with everyone and for any occasion. 
5. Someone is trying to get through the queue ahead of you. Your actions?
a) considering themselves better than him, also trying to circumvent the queue;
b) the indignant, but to himself;
c) openly express their outrage.
6. Imagine that considered innovation, experimental work of your colleagues, in which there is a bold proposal, but there are errors. You know that your opinion will be decisive. What do you do?
a) I shall explain both the positive and the negative aspects of the project;
b) highlight the positive aspects of work and offer the opportunity to continue to provide it; 
c) I will criticize it , because in order to be innovative , we must be able to avoid mistakes .
7. Imagine that the mother-in-law ( mother in law ) that constantly tells you about the necessity of thrift , saving itself time and again to buy expensive things . She is interested in your opinions about his latest purchase . What do you tell her ?
a) I approve the purchase , if it please her ;
b) I say that this thing is tasteless ;
c) constantly swear and quarrel with her because of that .
8. On the street you see a group of teenage smokers . Your reaction ? 
a) think, 'Why should I spoil the mood of a poorly educated foreign pranksters? ";
b) make comments;
c) if it occurs in a public place, it will report them carefully.
9. In the restaurant, you notice that the waiter cheated you:
a) In this case, I do not give him a tip that pre-cooked and would have given if he had acted honestly;
b) I ask again restated, point out a mistake;
c) it will be a cause for scandal.
10. You are in a rest home. The administrator himself entertained, rather than to perform their duties, does not follow the cleaning in the rooms, varied menu. Your reaction?
a) I certainly do not like it, but even if I will express their outrage, this is hardly something will change; 
b) I'm sure I will achieve that it strictly punished or even fired from their jobs ;
b) venting their frustration on junior staff - cleaners, waitresses .
11. Imagine that you had a conflict with his teenage son , and then you make sure that he was right. Do you admit your mistake ?
a) No ;
b) Of course , I admit ;
c) What I will have credibility if I admit that he was wrong ?
The key to the test.
For each answer "a" Record yourself 4 points, "b" - 2 "B" - 0 points . 
From 30 to 44 points. You are tactful, sensitive man , not like conflict , avoid critical situations . When you have to start an argument , then you consider how it will affect your official position, relationships with friends . You want to be nice to people, but when they need help , you do not always have to face it . But thus you lose self-respect in their eyes ! 
From 15 to 29 points. You are a man who is able, when necessary, to defend their opinion, to do so convincingly and consistently, regardless of how it will affect your position. I respect you for it, even though some consider you a personality conflict.
From 10 to 14 points. Probably, many others are not without reason, consider you a lover of quarreling. No wonder: after all, you are looking for a cause for controversy, the majority of which are unnecessary and petty, often you
simply unable of anything quietly agree to impose their views, even when wrong. 
You love to criticize , but only when it is profitable to you. But all this only creates problems in your
life! Sincerely answer yourself the question: Do not hide your behavior inferiority complex ?