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Strategic Management and Planning

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"Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point"
Henry Mintzberg


Strategic management and planning in modern terms- is an independent management function, the special type of administrative activity consisting in developing of strategic solutions, which provides promotion of such purposes and the strategies of the managers’ behavior, its realization provides their effective functioning for a long term and also fast adaptation to changing conditions of the environment. The system of strategic planning differs from the system of usual long-term planning, with which it is often mistakenly associated, with the opportunity to adapt in case of changes. The role and value of strategic approach at the level of local authorities increased in management everywhere. It is connected with changing economic realities which set new tasks for local economic policy
The concept of strategic planning and management. Forming a strategic vision, setting goals, developing a  strategy. Methodology, process and analysis of strategic planning. Process and main stages of strategic planning. Strategic analysis and its importance. Choice of strategic alternatives, choice and realization of strategies. Differences of the strategic manager from the working groups. Operation of strategic management.



In order to study this course “Strategic management and planning”, participants should know the basic knowledge in Management, the process of becoming and developing the system of state administration, its influence to the development of national economy,  budget and so on.



To know the laws of functioning modern economy on the macro and micro level
To be able to analyze environment factors by the steps of strategic importance and taking them into consideration during the practice.
To be capable in making the long-term plans of development on the bases of the results after carrying out the industry analysis

Specific objetives:

  • To study the main concepts of strategic management by trainees and strategic planning, acquisition of practical skills of the strategic analysis by them which can be used in their following work;
  • To define the purposes and strategic planning of development problems of key branches of national economy and regions of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Forms and principles of realization of the state strategy of development of society.
  • To understand the need of mastering skills of the strategic manager for work in public service.



Anna Mishenko



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    Concept and essence of the strategy

    1 h

    Presentations, lectures


    Practical cases (Development Strategy of spheres of activities) Work in Groups

    1 h

    Case studies 


    Concept and role of strategic management

    1 h

    Presentations, lectures


    Practical case "situation analysis"

    1 h

    Case studies 


    Methodology and analysis of the process of strategic planning

    1 h

    Presentations, lectures


    Practical case of a SWOT analysis for the preparation of sectoral activities of the Kyrgyz Republic.

    1 h

    Case studies 


    How to overcome the “strategic gap”? Key elements of successful management.

    1 h

    Presentations, lectures


    Role play "Successful Management"

    1 h