Training by European Partners

Spain - UPC

The topics covered during this training at UNIVERSITAT POLITÈCNICA DE CATALUNYA are the following:

  • Training of Trainers
  • Workshop on Project Management
  • Parliament of Catalunya
  • Barcelona’s city hall
  • Workshop on efficient presentations
  • Conceptual framework for management and strategy
  • Strategic management and quality
  • Negotiation
  • Human resources management

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France - ENA

The topics covered during this training at ÉCOLE NATIONALE D’ADMINISTRATION are the following:

  • training techniques for the preparation of the training programs
  • methodology of study cases
  • Directorate General for Administration and Civil service
  • Leadership
  • Managing change and problem solving in the Public administration
  • Fighting corruption and financial control, audit and evaluation of public spending

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  • Fighting corruption in public administration
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    The topics covered during this training at SLOVAK UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE INNITRA are the following:

    • European regional policy and tools of its implementation
    • Local development strategy
    • The implementation of development strategies into practice of local governments
    • Implementation of strategies in conditions of local government
    • Mayor of Nitra city
    • Mayor of Liptovsky Mikulas
    • Slovak City Managers Association
    • Mayor of Strba
    • The New Trends in Management

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    Lithuania - SiaulIAI

    The topics covered during this training at Siauliai university are the following:

    • e-learning platform
    • Moodle Management
    • distance learning centre trainings in cloud VLE
    • Preparing Windows/Linux server for Moodle
    • University network administration experience
    • Administration of Moodle

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